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"I attended one of Kamaria's workshops with my 11 year old daughter and it was an eye-opener. It is funny how everyday things we do sabotage our goals without us even knowing. Kamaria was able to demonstrate how this happens with the workshop exercises. It was entertaining and educational a wonderful combination and I would attend another one in a heart beat."  

-  Lekia Lee, Founder, Project Embrace



"I'm proud of the way you use your platform. You are a huge inspiration because you are proactive in moving forward and letting people know this is what you are about. You are a huge huge inspiration and you do some insanely crazy work. Battle on and leave your special unique legacy."

Dr Sydney, Sexual violence advocate for women and girls



"I noticed Kamaria's profile on Instagram several months ago. I followed and read her posts, finding them very appropriate for mental health issues. I am neither a woman nor of colour but I found her approach to mental health is inspiring. I continue to read her comments as she connects with people and the challenges they encounter.  I had her guest blog on my website and I hope to feature her on a regular basis."

Keith Anderson, Lawyer & Founder of mental health blog  Worth Living


"Kamaria  has been a huge inspiration to me through the way she is a strong passionate black woman that strives for nothing less than helping people reach their full potential. Her workshops and 1-1 coaching skills is beyond impressive and will completely change the way you think and see things in life. Kamaria has been one of my sponsor through my Miss Guyana UK journey and has been a great mentor for my Mental Health Awareness campaign. I recommend her services 100% to anyone looking for a great business coach, mentor and mental health adviser." 

- Shaz Roye, Founder of Beautified By Shaz and Miss Guyana UK 1st Princess

"Kamaria's workshops are fresh, interactive, positive and REAL; something that is often lacking from society and relationships to date. [I learnt that] to succeed in life, I need to embrace ALL of me and work with it to get my crown."

Subrena Joseph, Founder of S.T.U.Bs Disability Life Coaching


"Kamaria's workshop has definitely encouraged me to stop and think about the way in which I see myself and also about how I can achieve my goals. Her activities and workshops are both unique and thought provoking. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to better themselves through self improvement and also by achieving their dreams."

- Natasha McPherson, Blogger, Confessions of a Twenty Something