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It's time to blossom into the best you...

SELF-LOVE & SUCCESS: Mindset Masterclass -Saturday May 27th 2017, 1-4pm, London (TBC) 

It's not time or money holding you back - it's mindset!

And it certainly should not be your colour, creed or culture - it's probably your courage and confidence!

It's time to dare to be different and demand the success you desire.

Join us for a fun and forward-thinking unconventional workshop packed with games and activities designed to grapple your thinking, take home tools to transform your tomorrow and a safe space to share, with a bunch of authentically awesome successful and self-loving women of colour.

Join me for a day of fun, fresh and forward-thinking activities and insights into

  • unpacking the baggage from your life,
  • blossoming a better relationship with yourself
  • crafting the confidence to say yes to your success!

This mindset masterclass is inspired by feminine psychology and designed to help women of colour to transform the way they process their thoughts, re-discover themselves and blossom their lives into the way they always truly imagined it to be.

The masterclass is delievered with the goal of meeting two core aims:

1. To delve into your unique experiences to uncover and unleash habits and thoughts - which are potentially holding you back.

2. To propel you towards your true potential by developing a mindset that will help you to truly go after your dreams.

This is an empowering session to dare you to be different and demand the success you desire. We will work with you to de-bunk all the baggage and get clear on understanding what you want and achieving your authentic goals.


  • Snacks provided on the day
  • Unlimited soft drinks.
  • A 25% discount off the "Unbecoming You" 1:1 personal consultation/coaching with Kamaria Fleary
  • Goody Bag


  • Good vibes, Giveaways & Girl Talk

Where: The West Euston Partnership, 29-, 31 Hampstead Rd, London NW1 3JA

Duration: 1pm-4pm, Early Bird Tickets: £39

"Kamaria  has been a huge inspiration to me through the way she is a strong passionate black woman that strives for nothing less than helping people reach their full potential. Her workshops and 1-1 coaching skills is beyond impressive and will completely change the way you think and see things in life. Kamaria has been one of my sponsor through my Miss Guyana UK journey and has been a great mentor for my Mental Health Awareness campaign. I recommend her services 100% to anyone looking for a great business coach, mentor and mental health adviser." 

- Shaz Roye, Founder of Beautified By Shaz and Miss Guyana UK 1st Princess

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Through a series of fun and thought provoking games and activities:

  • Examine your beliefs about the limitations associated with ethnicity and gender
  • Discuss perspectives and experiences as a minority in your personal, social and professional world.
  • Discover the psychological research behind some of the benefits of holding a minority identification.
  • Learn how to use your minority identity to your advantage.

Duration: Half a day, Price: £49

"Kamaria's workshops are fresh, interactive, positive and REAL; something that is often lacking from society and relationships to date. [I learnt that] to succeed in life, I need to embrace ALL of me and work with it to get my crown." - Subrena Joseph, Founder of S.T.U.Bs Disability Life Coaching

My Being is More Than My Body: How to escape societal standards and start loving the body you were born with

Through a series of fun and thought-provoking games, this session will explore the various ways your body contributes to your self-esteem and self-confidence by:

·         Examining your beliefs about the body and its relationship with your mind.

·         Discovering Evolutionary Psychology research behind how societal standards of beauty emerged.

·         Discussing how social and political constructs of productivity, economy and currency impact and influence your understanding of sexual and bodily violence, disability and reproduction choices.

·         Learning how to clamp down on the inner critic and begin embracing you

Duration: Half a Day, Price: £49

"Kamaria's workshop has definitely encouraged me to stop and think about the way in which I see myself and also about how I can achieve my goals. Her activities and workshops are both unique and thought provoking. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to better themselves through self improvement and also by achieving their dreams."

- Natasha McPherson, Blogger, Confessions of a Twenty Something

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