Hey Girl! 

I am guessing you have arrived at this page because like me, you are a woman of colour who is ready to demand something different for your life? 

Maybe you're tired of feeling undervalued and unfulfilled working in a job that is way out of line with your dreams? Maybe the pressure to conform to the "sensible" soul-sucking life has been crushing your creativity and courage to change your life into one you love?

I'm sure you probably looked at the price and said "I don't have that kind of money!" Besides it working out at just £33 per session - AND with payment plans available! I am here to show why a one-off investment in yourself might be one of the best things you are about to do.   It's more than just a program. It's a personal investment. Just like how we invest in university, we also need to invest in our personal development - and I'm NOT even charging a quarter in comparison! 

If you don't invest in yourself, your dreams and desires - don't expect anyone else to do it for you. 

I am here to help unhinge you from whatever It is That is holding you back.


It is time to craft that confidence, create the life you want and care for yourself and your esteem. It is time to unveil your uniqueness and uplift you into your greatness; setting society's expectations and social media pressure alight.

It is hard not to fall into the trap of comparison and feel like you are living a life that is less than adequate. 

So what if you haven't managed to earn yourself an executive titled job? 

I want you to be able to do what you love and love what you do, all whilst staying true to yourself and loving YOU

So what if you haven't finally found the fella to put a ring on it and/or have a foetus flourishing in your uterus? 

I want you to be your authentic self and be authoritarian in taking control of your own worth as a woman.

So what if you don't have endless selfies taken from backpacking across South Africa? 

I want you to be fearless and fierce in the pursuit of your own true desires. 


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It's Time

To Unpack

all The

Baggage and Blossom

into Your

Best Self 


Are you ready to unpack the baggage from your life and blossom a positive relationship with yourself, and finally have the courage and confidence to step into your success and begin to live a life that you love? I work with women of colour to help them transform the way they process their thoughts, re-discover themselves and blossom their lives into the way they always truly imagined it to be.

My one-to-one coaching program "Ready Set Success!" entails me working with you over 12 weeks, to undertake mindset work that will help you to unapologetically unlock your greatness. 

My program is delivered with the goal of meeting two core aims:

1.       To delve into your unique experiences to uncover and unleash habits and thoughts that are not authentically you - which are potentially holding you back.

2.       To propel you towards your true potential by developing a mindset that will help you to truly go after your dreams.

I work with people who are different. I embrace people like me with quirky personalities and complex identities. The world would be a pretty boring place if we were all prototypes of each other. I believe that your quirkiness is your queen-dom and through my consultation sessions, I will empower you to not only own who you are but dare to be different and make your uniqueness your unique selling point.

Your journey to self-love and success will entail you daring to be different, and working with me would mean having a mentor who is open to understanding you and your authentic goals. I want to help you to "un-become" everything that is not you.

I want you to know that it's ok to do things a little differently.

We live in an age where the world is transitioning and we are torn between the choice of our passions vs pressure from other people. It isn't easy to defy social norms and my self-confidence program will help you to generate that inner strength to pursue your goals regardless of the pressure placed upon you.

In just 12 weeks I want to help you to change your life so that you can become a self-loving and successful woman. 

Exploring my emotional blocks allowed me to recognise habits that were unconsciously hinging me to a life of hell in a job that I hated -where I was being harassed, being held by emotional hurt from a broken relationship and hung over in physical and mental exhaustion from over-working to prove my value and then letting societal standards and negativity run riot in my mind.

My journey through personal growth provided me with new thinking tools and the fearlessness to finally say goodbye and good riddance to my no-good job and no-good people. I was able to change my life. I quit my job,  completed my master’s degree in psychology at one of the best universities in the world (UCL) - even though I was unemployed and had no money to pay my tuition fees, launched my own business and decided that I wanted to be on TV – and I was!

I share my story with you not to glamorise my personal achievements, but to show you how in the midst of my pain, I was able to propel myself to experience prosperity from unlocking my true potential.

Whilst the first steps to success start with self-belief, I believe it soars when someone shows you the way how.

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Yes Girl!




"Ready, Set Success!" is designed to transform your thinking and your life in regards to the personal relationship that you have with yourself; through exploring how you view yourself across 5 themes of:

·         Work and finance

·         Personal and social relationships

·         Body and self-esteem

·         Family, Identity and Expectations

·         Self-care, fulfilment and fun

The programme is divided into 3 modules which run for 4 weeks each and one concurrent module of self-care that runs throughout the programme:

Module #1: Personal Growth

It is time to get to the bottom of where your negative thinking has been developed. We will explore your unique experiences in the past that may have informed the way you think of yourself and your value and what you deserve. We will explore what makes us. Every experience is a preparation for our future journey. My sessions that explore your past experiences will help you to untangle where the pins were developed that are pulling you down. This personal growth will help you to unhinge yourself and uncover to the world your true capabilities and passions.

Module #2: Think Differently  

You will begin to challenge the way you think and the way others around you do too. You will learn how to manage that inner critic and prove it wrong time and time again. Through my unique games pack, you will learn that there can be fun in becoming a forward-thinker. Experience is the greatest teacher and my games do just that - teach you to think differently through direct experience.


Module #3 - Develop Your Passions & Do It Differently  

We begin to explore your purpose. What makes you excited about life? What makes you blossom. We will do some discovery work and find out what your purpose is in the work you want to do. This is a practical module where I will be challenging you to now go out and do things differently and we will discuss the results. I won't just push you out into the world filled with a new way of thinking but I will give you the space to exercise your new found confidence and esteem through carefully designed and structured challenges to solidify this newly built version of you.

Core Module: Self Care Isn't Selfish

You will learn to be selfish. You will begin to prioritise yourself by taking each session to dedicate to doing something you love. We will explore the well being benefits of prioritising you so that you never feel undervalued and unfulfilled again. It is time to celebrate yourself. 

Over 12 weeks, I will provide you with the tools to tailor a life around your true authentic self. You will never have to feel like you have to tame your personality - or even your tresses! It is about setting on fire the thoughts, habits and feelings that have been keeping you frustrated and fearful. Expect to have your esteem elevated and feel valued and fulfilled.

It is about prioritising your self-esteem. It is about self-care and self-love.

This programme is for you if you have spent so much time being selfless and are now ready to be selfish.

It is all about YOU.


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It is time to be...

·         Appreciated for the woman you already are by developing a positive relationship with yourself

·         A woman who not only designs the rules, but determines her own destiny by crafting that confidence.

·         The woman that lives a life she had longed for and loves the lady she is by elevating your esteem.

·         A woman who is free from fear and frustration by clamping down on that inner critic.

This is how my program works...

1.       I begin with having a FREE 30mins session which allows you to explore with me where you are in the process of personal growth and whether the "Ready, Set, Success" programme is a great fit for propelling you further or beginning your personal growth journey.

2.       Both you and I will get a feel for each other's unique qualities and outline your specific goals.

3.      Together we will discuss the appropriate strategies that will be tailored to your needs to assist you in your personal growth.

4.      Once we are both in agreement, you will invest in your personal growth program and we can begin working on you.

5.      You will be sent a starter pack along with access to our online drive where you will have workbooks and tailored content available for you to begin your journey before our first scheduled session.

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What I

Provide for You...




·         The programme includes 12x one on one online sessions per week that last for 1hr each. This means that you will get each session at around £33 per session. I also can provide payment plans, so don't worry - you don't have to pay it all at once!

·         The sessions are tailored around your needs and are flexible around your schedule.

·         Unlimited Email access to me throughout the process so you can feel free to contact me if any fears or frustrations resurface.

·         A unique personalized games pack (mailed to your address) to trigger your thinking as well as allowing you to have a bit of fun in a therapeutic way.

·         A workbook that will give you a space to journal your thoughts with short written tasks to always keep your mindset challenged.

·         Scheduled in self-care time where I will set activities aimed at prioritising yourself and encouraging you to live the life-style you are about to blossom into.


In addition, upon completing the programme, coachees will receive an in-person reflection dinner (UK Only) or an additional bonus one-to- one with myself (Worldwide) where we will meet and reflect on your journey.


How we will work...

Using SIMPLE and FUN feminine psychology and forward-thinking principles we will uncover some of the unhealthy thoughts and habits that have been holding you back and begin to build up a new train of thought that encourages you to be fearless.

What is Feminine Psychology?

It is a division of Psychology that focuses on uniquely considering the well-being of women whilst taking into consideration that the female identity is layered with specific gender-related social, economic, and political issues. It is basically the idea that women have a need to satisfy their personal goals as well as being faced with traditional expectations.

This approach makes my program tailor made to you, through taking into consideration how various aspects of your life as you know it, have inter-played to shape your experiences and expectations.

The online course materials include worksheets, activities, video and audio recordings, which will be everything you need and more to blossom into the best version of you. . In addition, a fun psychology games pack with be delivered to you.

I'm in!