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Fun, forward-thinking and uplifting workshops for the for the unique and unapologetic woman of colour. Join us at a luxurious location for unconventional self-care seminars packed with  games designed to grapple your thinking, take home tools to transform your    tomorrow and a safe space to share, with a bunch of authentically awesome successful and self-loving women.

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My 12 week personal mindset program designed to help you unpack the baggage from your life, blossom a positive relationship with yourself and develop the courage to confidently step into your success. 

  • Delve into your unique experiences to uncover and unleash habits and thoughts which are potentially holding you back.
  • Propel yourself towards your true potential by developing a mindset that will help you to truly go after your dreams.
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Access to my library containing all the fun and forward-thinking materials and games to get you started on your path to success.