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It's Time to


Loving You...

And stepping towards success too! 

Hey, I'm Kamaria (pronounced Kar-Mar-Ree-Yah, in case you were wondering). I'm your Personal Growth Practitioner, which basically means that I am a person who is actively engaged in helping people to blossom into their best selves, by crafting their confidence to courageously live life on their own terms.

Besides my pursuit of a Prafassion*  in psychology (*Definition: Where your passion becomes your profession), laughing at Instagram memes, dreaming of the morning that I can have breakfast with (my bestie in my brain)- Beyoncé and telling myself on a daily basis that today is the day I am finally going to go the gym; I love to work with young women of colour to help them to re-discover and reclaim the beauty, power and success that lives in their "differentness."

First of all, people pleasing is unwelcome here.

Well, unless of course you are pleasing yourself.

Societal standards are soul-destroying - well at least it is for those of us who actually fail to regulate our lives by the ridiculous unwritten rules. It is like putting your self-esteem in a blender and watching your inner self getting ripped to shreds in order to make a smoothie - or a smoother, edited or adjusted version of you.

It is hard not to fall into the trap of comparison and feel like you are living a life that is less than adequate. But, don't fear, I am here to empower you to stop feeling like you are falling behind, and to help you to start falling in love with yourself and your unique path. It is time to stop dreaming of the life you deserve and start living it - without having to disguise who you truly are.

To do this, you don't have to be flawless, you just have to convince yourself that your flaws make you look good!

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You Can be

An Ordinary


with an extraordinary life! 


I will work with you to help you to transform your way of thinking and how it makes you feel; enabling you to unmask yourself and unveil your uniqueness and your greatness; saying goodbye to stereotypes and social pressure. 

It is time to blossom your life into the way you believe it truly should be.It is time for you to craft that confidence, create the life you want, care for yourself and elevate your esteem.

I sparked my self-confidence by finally kicking down my inner critic and embracing everything that made me the exception RATHER than the rule.

I LOVE to go against the grain. In fact, I LIVE to break the R.U.L.E.S (aka the Rituals U Let Eat away at your Soul) - and a few glass ceilings too! Despite being told that my face wasn't suited to certain places, natural hair was a no-no, my personality lacked rationality and my inadvisable ideas would result in me being in tears; I just did the things I wanted to do anyway!

And no, my life  DID NOT end by breaking a few boundaries - well, I mean it once got me fired, BUT it also got me an interview for Yale! (Yes, the Ivy League University in the USA!). That one door that was shut on me, was nothing compared to the other doors that started to open - and the few I broke down in the process too.

I was able to flourish my future into one where I now have the fearlessness to decide what I want my life to look like - and I am here to show you how to do the same...

Well, what are you waiting for?

Pick A Program...

Fun, forward-thinking and uplifting workshops for the for the unique and unapologetic woman of colour. Join us at a luxurious location for unconventional self-care seminars packed with  games designed to grapple your thinking, take home tools to transform your    tomorrow and a safe space to share, with a bunch of authentically awesome successful and self-loving women.

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My 12 week personal mindset program designed to help you unpack the baggage from your life, blossom a positive relationship with yourself and develop the courage to confidently step into your success. 

  • Delve into your unique experiences to uncover and unleash habits and thoughts which are potentially holding you back.
  • Propel yourself towards your true potential by developing a mindset that will help you to truly go after your dreams.
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Access to my library containing all the fun and forward-thinking materials and games to get you started on your path to success.